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Let Qoob Find You A Home

The first property app built by scientists for effortless renting.
Join the list of thousands of renters and landlords making finding a property simple. Search for your property, select a duration and rent directly within the app. Move in within minutes!

No estate agents

Qoob lets homeowners and tenants communicate directly. There are no middlemen to charge fees or slow things down.

Universal technology

Qoob works the same way everywhere you go. So tenants can secure their home in a new city before getting there.

Direct payments

Qoob lets tenants pay rent directly through the app, even if they don’t have a bank account at their new location.

Flexible contracts

Sometimes tenants can’t commit to a minimum stay. Qoob allows flexible contracts that can be renewed each month.

Smart search

Qoob proactively predicts likely matches between tenants and homeowners, so they can search less and discover faster.

Faster moving

Moving doesn’t have to be complex. With Qoob, tenants can find, pay for and move in to a property all in one day.

Founded by physicists

When physicists at the London Institute set out to rethink homes in terms of access instead of ownership, they set up Qoob. Today Qoob has experts in AI, design, law, development and digital payments.

Funded by the European Commission

Qoob was awarded part of the European Innovation Council’s €1.6 billion fund for world-class disruptive technologies. This prestigious Horizon 2020 award makes Qoob a startup to watch.

Reinventing The Way We Move

Finding a home is not a one-way street, which is why Qoob helps both tenants and landlords save time and money by making the process as simple as possible.

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