Renting. Reimagined

Qoob is a mobile app for renting property that bypasses estate agents, paperwork and banks.

Qoob provides control, convenience and trust to make renting as easy as ordering a taxi or booking a hotel. Qoob lets you list and search properties, chat between owner and tenant, agree to terms, and pay and collect rent—all within the app

List and search

Qoob lets owners list properties and tenants search for properties with immediate results. There are no estate agents to slow things down.

Direct chat

With Qoob, homeowners and tenants can communicate directly from the start. More autonomy means you can rent your new home in days, not months.

Set the terms

Qoob lets owners and tenants set the terms that suit them best. Start when you want, for as long as you want: a month, a year, or something more flexible.

Pay and collect rent

Qoob let’s you pay and collect rent within the app through your bank or mobile bank. It tracks payments for greater transparency and trust.

London Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Founded by physicists

When physicists at the London Institute set out to rethink how we live in homes and move between them, they created Qoob. Today, Qoob has experts in AI, design, law, development and digital payments.

European Commission

Funded by the EU

Qoob was awarded part of the European Innovation Council’s €1.6 billion fund for disruptive technologies. This prestigious Horizon 2020 award is helping Qoob transform how we move across Europe and the world.