House goals: This couple’s DIY remodelled 1970s Airstream home

Brandon and Gabi Fox, also known as the Foxes, have reached #vanlife goals. They have taken an old, 1972 Airstream trailer and have turned into their own minimalist home. 

The adventurous couple have now lived in the trailer for three years and have travelled the US with it. While some of their friends have expressed concerns about their limited living space, they say that living together has been fun.

“Turns out we get along together just fine, sharing less than 200 square feet, 24/7/365. In fact, throughout it all we ended up getting married and starting a wedding photography business together, so I think it’s worked out pretty well so far,” wrote Gabi.


So what makes the Airstream life worth it and what are the challenges? This is what they had to say:

“We have plenty of storage for everything you’d need in a typical apartment, plus a bunch of things you definitely wouldn’t. We travel with enough tools to do a whole ‘nother Airstream reno, which are kept under our front seating area. Also stored under those seats is additional bedding for the “guest suite” (the table drops down to form a second bed), climbing area guidebooks, games, important documents, and anything else we don’t want to look at but need to haul around. And the bed lifts up to reveal another huge storage area where we keep more bulky things, like all of our camera and climbing gear, camping equipment, and our power center (batteries, inverter, etc.).

The challenges more frequently come in the form of trailer, car, and general road life problems — flat tires and other car issues in remote areas (which happens frequently at 255k+ miles), frozen water lines during intense cold spells, random things breaking (at least once a week), not knowing where you’re going to park and sleep when rolling into a new area (and getting kicked out of areas you thought were okay) — these are the things that can wear on you over time and make you seriously consider returning to a more routine life.

But the spontaneity of it all, even the not-so-fun parts, is what makes this life so much fun, inspiring, and always interesting. We never get bored, because whenever we start to get restless we can just pack up and move on to some place new. More and more though, we’re spending longer periods of time in our favourite areas. This provides a good mix between crazy travel mode and routine.”


If you are interested in replicating some of their interior decor style or are interested in travelling full time just like the Foxes, check out some of their items below:

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Would you live in a mobile home? If so, where would you travel to? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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