DIY: make your own geometric planter



Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll know that succulents as well as geometric and brass are very much on trend in the interior design space. With this DIY project, we combine those three trends and the result is a beautiful conversation piece.

As an added bonus, this planter won’t take up too much floor space so if you have a small apartment it also doubles as the perfect small-space solution. Talk about a win-win!



Things you’ll need:

1/8th inch brass tubing

1 mini tube cutter

brass wire

1 wire cutter

faux leather string

1 white mini plant pot

1 succulent plant of your choice


Make the pentagons first, then thread together with the long tube strips and tie off with a faux leather string. Finally, insert your succulent plant of choice and voil√†! You can even experiment with different metals, colours, plants and sizes. 

Send us your photos via Instagram or Facebook if you try this DIY out!

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