Home hacks: Ikea cheats to decorate your walls

Some IKEA hacks require a lot of effort, some are easy. Some are a no-brainer, but some – like the ones we are about to show you – are completely unexpected!
With these IKEA hack ideas you can decorate your walls and even create more storage in your home. 



The moveable wall piece



Check out this DIY idea by Sinnen Rausch to create this beautiful moveable wall art piece in trendy millennial pink. It is a perfect solution for renters as they can display it and move it anytime.



The hanging rug



Check out this DIY by the IKEA Hackers on how to make wall art with added texture out of an IKEA rug! Perfect if you need to add instant colour and pattern to a blank wall.



The arty wardrobe



Everyone likes a good PAX wardrobe, and while it provides a lot of storage, it can also serve as an opportunity to add art to your home! Fiona from Around the Houses took this opportunity when she moved into her new home and now it looks like a window to a gorgeous forest! Who said wall murals have to be expensive?



The arty mirror



With a little bit of interior design magic, you can easily turn an IKEA Stave mirror into a work of art. 



The monochromatic storage wall



Using METOD Cabinets and a little paint, you can easily create a statement monochromatic storage wall! As an added bonus, this storage unit will not make your room seem fuller or smaller. Win-win!



The toy car storage



What looks as though a fluxus artist would have created it, is in reality a great IKEA storage hack for all of those toy cars your kids love to leave lying around. Simply use Fintrop magnetic knife racks and arrange as you’d like and voil√†! 



Let us know in the Facebook comments if you decide to try any of these out yourself!


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