Indoor/outdoor bedroom design ideas to sleep under the stars

Sleeping under the stars might be a very romantic idea, but in reality things can be quite different. There are bugs, mosquitoes, dirt, strange noises, it gets cold…

If you don’t actually want to sleep outside and deal with all the above but love stargazing, these indoor-outdoor bedroom designs are definitely for you. 

By opening up the bedroom with large, wall-like windows, you can blur the lines between your home and the outdoors. At the same time, you are still able to choose privacy when you need it and you won’t be eaten alive by mosquitoes in the summer. Win-win!


If sleeping under the stars without ever having to leave your bedroom sounds like a dream to you, check out the inspiration we’ve compiled below.




In this Australia-based bedroom by Matt Gibson, the walls are almost visually non-existent. The panes of glass around it slide into pockets inside the wall and completely disappear when you want them to, opening the view to this pretty patio space. 



In this creation by designer Tia Cibani – who is also the lucky person who gets to wake up to this view every single morning – is located in the heart of Chelsea, New York City. The wooden window frames add an earthy element to the already pretty green view. Check out the full tour of this gorgeous apartment here.
This airy yet modern bedroom by Homes to Love is located in Palm beach in Florida and has a sliding glass door that opens up to the outside. Here you can relax indoors while enjoying the breeze from outside on a sunny spring day. Who wouldn’t love that?
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